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    How big the world is depends on your mind and how far you can go depends on your insight. Sanhua attaches great importance to management, technology and talents.After battling hundred times for the new undertaking, Sanhua has developed from Xinchang County to the world stage and become a dedicated and advanced industry milestone; holding a long-term perspective for the future and with a new globally-leading starting point, Sanhua will go on pursuing green development and surpassing by innovation.

    Comprehensive Agricultural Machine Repair Factory of Xinchang West-suburb People’s Commune, established in September 1967, was the earliest name of Sanhua. At that time, it repaired farm tools simply by an iron furnace and a few hand tools. 
    Zhang Daocai undertook external processing business and concurrently chose independent products after serving as Supply & Marketing Section Chief in West-suburb Agricultural Machinery Factory, which was renamed to “Xinchang West-suburb Refrigeration Fittings Factory” later. Zhang Daocai was appointed as Deputy Factory Manager in January 1982, being liable for management works.
    Zhang Daocai was appointed as Manager of “Xinchang Refrigeration Fittings Factory”, which was renamed to “Zhejiang Xinchang General Factory of Refrigeration Fittings” in February 1985.
    Sanhua and Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly and independently developed two-position and three-way solenoid valve, which passed real machine test of Haier Refrigerator Factory and authoritative identification of Science & Technology Commission of Zhejiang Province; such act breaks monopoly of foreign countries and accelerates localization pace of refrigerators and also wins credit for the Chinese people.
    Zhang Daocai decided to produce the two-position and three-way solenoid valve in batches as soon as possible to enter the international market after investigating Danfoss of Denmark, an international giant of refrigeration automatic control components.
    Sanhua Fujikoki Co., Ltd., a Sino-Foreign joint venture, held a signing ceremony in Shanghai in August, 1994 to take a substantial step towards export-oriented development.
    In October 1994, Sanhua had been established for ten years and Zhejiang Sanhua Group was formally established. At the right moment, Zhang Daocai put forward the strategic idea of “starting a new undertaking to revitalize Sanhua”, which prospers Sanhua continuously and lays a foundation for developing to a higher level.
    Zhang Daocai and his families climbed to Tianmu Mountain, which runs east of Zhejiang to the south of the Yangtze River, to and think about the enterprise’s strategic development in the new millennium. Zhang Daocai put forward the strategic ideas of “diversified operation, market globalization and specialized production” and planed for a brighter future of Sanhua.

    “Sanhua (Hangzhou) Industrial Park” was officially constructed to be a new large-scale comprehensive production base, which enables Sanhua to become a global industry group and serve clients at home and abroad. 

    “Sanhua Holding Group” was established on the basis of “Zhejiang Sanhua Group Co., Ltd.” in October 2014.
    Sanhua Group celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding a big concert of “stepping in Xinchang, Sanhua will be more flourishing” through The Same Song on CCTV.
    Stocks of Sanhua Intelligent Controls were listed officially; Sanhua achieved overall listing of refrigeration by directional add-issuance in 2009 and raised capital of 1 billion Yuan by additional issuance and refinancing to construct a new project at the end of 2010.
    At the end of 2010, Sanhua raised capital of 1 billion Yuan by additional issuance and refinancing to construct a new project.
    The ribbon-cutting ceremony for foundation of Danfoss-Sanhua Joint Venture was held in March 2007 and the opening ceremony was held on October 23, 2008.
    In September 2007, Sanhua reached an agreement with Invensys Group of England to merge global business of four-way valve of Ranco (subordinated to Invensys Group), and then it has taken the lead in the industry throughout the world. Afterwards, China’s Ministry of Commerce selected it as a classic transnational M&A case of Chinese enterprises.
    Sanhua Intelligent Controls won “China Quality Award” in the “National Meeting for Excellence” held in Beijing. Afterwards, Sanhua started implementing excellent performance management model and establishing strategic management system and so on, which improves the enterprise management level.
    In April 2010, Sanhua R&D Center, consisted of R&D, test and trial-production buildings in Sanhua Hangzhou Industrial Park was put into use; about 180 researchers joined in, including over 10 global experts, which means that Sanhua has advanced towards a global top R&D institute. In November 2010, Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., Ltd. raised capitals of 1 billion Yuan by private placements to construct Meizhu Industrial Park.
    In November 2011, main project of Sanhua Meizhu Industrial Park (Phase I) was completed and put into use.
    Sanhua Holding Group convened the first technology innovation conference, during which it summarized experience of “Scientific and technology is basic power of enterprise development” and contributed 10 million Yuan to recognize and reward employees who have made great contributions to Sanhua technology innovation.
    In February 2012, Sanhua Intelligent Controls won the “Quality Award of Zhejiang Province” with the highest scores. In July 2012, Sanhua held a groundbreaking ceremony for Sanhua solar project in Alashan, Inner Mongolia.
    In November 2012, Sanhua Intelligent Controls  announced that it has acquireed all assets of Aweco Group of Germany and its 10 branches in Austria, Shanghai, Germany, Poland and so on.
    In August 2013, Mr. Zhang Daocai was honored as a “Great Entrepreneur” in the 7th representatives conference & “2013 Zhejiang Enterprise Leader Summit” held by Zhejiang Federation of Industrial Economics, Zhejiang Enterprise Confederation and Zhejiang Entrepreneurs’ Association in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People.
    In December 2013, Mr. Zhang Yabo of Sanhua Holding Group was honored as 2013 “Influential Entrepreneur of Zhejiang”.
    In 2014, President Zhang Daocai of Sanhua Holding Group was honored as 2013-2014 “National Excellent Entrepreneur” in Activity and Annual Meeting for Chinese Entrepreneurs.
    On January 26, Hangzhou Sanhua R&D Center established the first enterprise-based technology association in Hangzhou Economic Development Area; Mr. Zhou Yuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences was elected as Consultant of Technology Association. Mr. Shi Chuliang, dean of Sanhua R&D Center was elected as Chairman and 34 participants were elected as the first membership.
    On April 8, the 5th meeting of first session for Zhejiang medium and small-sized enterprises association was held in Hangzhou, in which Mr. Zhang Yabo of Sanhua Holding Group was honored as “Zhejiang Excellent Entrepreneur Leader”.
    On May 21, Topics in Focus of CCTV interviewed Mr. Zhang Yabo on the theme of “innovative development”. Sanhua’s ideas of “dedicated management, innovative development” and great achievements have caused wide social concern.
    On September 2, Mr. Zhang Daocai was invited to attend “B20” Business Summit of “G20”, in which he suggested creating more jobs with higher quality by technology innovation, improving quality of employees by training and education so that they can take more better posts. promoting sustainable development of enterprise and all-win pattern.

    On April 3rd, 2017, the ceremony for 2017 PACE(Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) Award, an annualaward from Automotive News, was hosted in Detroit, during which SanhuaAutomotive won a 2017 Automotive News PACE Award for its Electronic ExpansionValve (EXV). Sanhua Automotive is the first Chinese automotive supplier to win thePACE Award.

    In June , 2017, Sanhua Automotive hosteda big launching ceremony for the production line for TXV in its Mexicanfactory, and a big opening ceremony for the North America Technology Center in Auburn Hills,a city near the outskirts of Detroit.

    On Dec 9, 2018, Sanhua Automotive’sproject, thermal management system for new energy vehicles, won the ChinaIndustry Awards. Board Chairman of Sanhua Holding Group, Mr. Zhang Daocai, walkedon stage to accept the award.

    On Oct 19, 2019, Sanhua holded Science,Technology and High-Quality Development Conference & The 35th Anniversaryin a meeting center of its industrial district in Xinchang, China.

    On Apr 21, 2020, five subsidiary companiesfrom Sanhua Holding Group were listed in Top 100 Innovators in Zhejiang, China:Sanhua Intelligent Controls, Sanhua Commercial, Sanhua Automotive, SanhuaMicrochannel and Sanhua R&D Center.

    On Apr 27, 2021, Sanhua Holding Group wonthe honorary title of the 2021 national “May 1st” Labor Award. “Pioneers ofNational Workers” was won by the assembly line of 4-way reversing valve in SanhuaIntelligent Controls, located in Wuhu, China.

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